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Petalpoints: 50
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Carnation Deco
Petalpoints: 50
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(Free vase)
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Free candy
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Spendid Cheer
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Thanksgiving Crystals
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Lucious Stars
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USD 142.07   
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  Brief Intro (click to expand) Worldwide florist for colourful flowers and flower delivery available at attractive prices. Large selection of flowers available to send such as lilies, orchids, carnations and classy roses to Worldwide. Flowers for weddings, birthdays & events. You're in luck. Satisfaction delivery. Celebrate love with your beautiful flowers and gifts.
  Worldwide flowers, original floral arrangements, floral bouquets, flower baskets, plants, cakes, hampers, gift baskets, gifts and fruit baskets. Worldwide flower, cake, hamper, gift basket delivery (click to expand)
Please remember to enter the recipient's full street address . 10,20,30,40 cm teddy bears available and 1 - 24 lilies + 1-999 Rose delivery available. Contact us at customer service, Qatar.
Open daily 24 hours Monday - Saturday. Sunday from 9am - 6pm.
Easy Payment accepted with Paypal and with International VISA, MASTER, AMEX, Discover Credit Card.

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Flat delivery fee of QAR47 ( USD 12.95 ) .
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